Thursday, March 31, 2016

"The Saloon Girl's Journey" is Here!

Good morning, everyone! I wanted to announce the release of my book, "The Saloon Girl's Journey." Darla is the heroine of this book. Life wasn't easy for women in the 1890's, and Darla has had to make some tough choices in life. But after meeting Soonie Eckhart and learning about God's love for her, she decides to make a drastic change--for the better. I hope you enjoy reading about Darla's journey as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Proud to Present: Launch Day for Steampunk Fairy Tales!

Several months ago, I approached some of my favorite writers to join me in a Steampunk Fairy Tales project. Six brave souls agreed to join me, and a book was born. 

Starting today, you can download your very own copy! FREE on Smashwords for all platforms here
99 cents from Amazon Kindle HERE

Here's the Amazon description: 
A toyshop owner builds a set of magic clockwork dolls that delight a factory town. A three-inch tall samurai faces a giant iron ogre with only a sewing needle and a coin. A scientist seeks an antidote to his formula gone wrong, with the help of his partner’s beautiful daughter. 

All of these stories and more are included in Steampunk Fairy Tales. Written by authors from three different continents, every enchanting tale combines the futuristic Victorian concept of steam and fashion with memorable stories, from the recognizable “Jack and the Beanstalk”, to other popular and unfamiliar works from Germany, France, Italy and Japan. 

With steam driven gadgets such as mechanical goggles, hoverboards, and an orchestra of automatons. Steampunk Fairy Tales is a charming and unique collection of works for current lovers of the genre, and those just diving in. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why Didn't My Promo Work?

Photo by Cherie Haines

So if you are an Indie author, you've probably heard you must spend money to get money. And unless you're living under a rock, you most likely know Bookbub is the king of all promo sites. But what about the countless other sites? You know the ones. Pay them some money and they'll promote your book deal on their site. Or perhaps you've gone to sites who offer FREE promos... if they have the space. Otherwise, you can pay money for a 'guaranteed' listing.

As for free sites, yes, they might be free, but it does take lots of time and effort to submit books to them... time that might be better spent writing if they don't sell you any books.

I've spent a lot of money... more than I care to admit ... on promo sites that didn't work. And I wish I had taken the time and trouble to do this a LONG time ago. Oh well. Maybe I will save YOU some time and money.

I made a spreadsheet of promo sites. Now, this is not a complete list, I'm sure there are hundreds more. But they are the ones I found today. Then I went to and found out the website rankings for the sites. This shows monthly updates for how websites are ranked in the USA. The lower the number, the more visitors the site has. (for example, Facebook is number 2) 

Here are the top ten ranked sites as of March 20, 2016, and a link to a Google doc. with the rest I researched. Please feel free to share any other sites that have worked well for you, and don't forget to compare notes with other writers. Some genres might do better on some sites than others. 
(Note; Pixel of Ink is not listed, since it's not currently taking submissions)

1. Bookbub
Ranking:  1866
Price: 50.00-2000.00      

2. E-reader IQ 
Ranking: 8955 
Price: 20.00-150.00

3. Robin Reads (I've had great results with these folks, but they are picky)
Ranking: 9954
Price: 15.00-20.00

4. Booksends
Ranking: 17147
Price: 10-125.00

5. One Hundred Free E-Books
Ranking: 20054 
Price: 75-100.00

6. Freebooksy
Price: 40-200.00

7. Bknights (Fiverr)
Ranking: 28153
Price: 5.50

8. Daily Free E-books
Ranking: 32626

9. Book Lemur
Ranking: 32700
Price: 25.00-35.00

10. E-reader News Today
Ranking: 33828
Price: 15-50.00 (This site has done great for me and many others)

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet. Hope it's helpful!
Please feel free to comment with thoughts/experience. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cover Reveal: Steampunk Fairy Tales Anthology

Merry Extremely Early Christmas to all you steampunk lovers! Some of the best and brightest Scribophile members have penned some absolutely FANTASTIC steampunk re-writes of your favorite fairy tales, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Bluebeard, Little Red Riding Hood and more! Today, I am proud to present our cover, designed by the one and only Indigo Forest Designs!
So... when do you get to read this amazing collection? Have no fear! March 28th is the release date!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Saloon Girl's Journey

And heeeeere's the cover! Book will be out April 7th, 2016!

Thank you so much to Gracelyn Fullilove, my lovely model, Cherie Haines, my photographer, and Elaina Lee at For the Muse Designs for another wonderful cover!