Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Review: Affinities, Chris Hollis

I put it out there that I would do periodic reviews on my blog, and I've had lots of requests, but I didn't take into consideration that most of my reading time is done in the bathtub, (sorry if TMI), and most writers submit Kindle books. Since I can't risk waterlogging my phone, these reviews will come further apart than I intended, but I did finish this exciting book by Mr. Chris Hollis and wanted to share it.

Andrew wakes up at the same time two nights in a row, disoriented, with no memory of how he passed his day. He begins to fight for lucid moments, his weariness keeping him captive in his own home. This is not Andrew's first taste of hardships, he experienced a devastating car wreck two years before that caused him to have to learn to walk again.

This psychological thriller is definitely an exciting page-turner, well written and edited. You find yourself sympathizing with the main character and hoping he will win in the end. There were a few moments that didn't quite fit in with the flow of the book for me, and the ending was pretty far-fetched, but it was unexpected, which is rare for me. All in all, very good read from a self-published author.
For those interested in content, this book contained a few mild profanities, quite a bit of thriller-style
violence, and a few suggestive secenes. I would rate it PG-13. I give it four stars. 

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