Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review of "Vignette, Glimpses of Mysterious Love."

I'm a Coffee Drinker.

I look forward to that moment every morning (which I'm sure many can relate to), where I take that first sip fragrant java and slip into my day. And a good devotional can only make that time better. 

Vignette by William and Traci Vanderbush is not your ordinary devotional. You won't go sailing along on inspirational passages to lull you to dreamland. These short pieces will challenge you and bring new perspectives about love into your life. 

The passages don't follow a specific pattern. Some are shorter than a page, some are a few pages. Some are prose and some are beautifully crafted poems that will leave you breathless. Woven through each section is a common thread; the idea of love. Married love, love from the Father, and brotherly love through relationship.

If you are looking for a new morning devotional, give Vignette a try.

Amazon Description:

William and Traci Vanderbush were childhood sweethearts who decided to plunge into the wild adventure of marriage as teenagers. After more than two decades of doing life, ministry, and child-rearing, they have been inspired to share their insights on love, mercy, grace, and sexuality. Learning the art of falling in love with each other more than once, join them on the journey into the depths of love and the limitless abilities of the human soul. For more information about William and Traci, please visit www.billvanderbush.com.

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