Friday, May 22, 2015

Book Review: :Leandra's Enchanted Flute

As a writer and fan of Middle Grade fiction, I fond myself to be pretty picky when it comes to books geared toward this age group. But Katy Huth Jones has it right in this book.
Lee Ann has been fighting cancer, the same disease that took the life of her mother. She's won one battle, but is unsure if she's beaten the disease for good.
Lee Ann loves to play the flute, and she loves birds. She is taken on an amazing journey by a Carolina wren who's been singing outside her window.

I love the magical world Katy Huth Jones has created, and her amazing bird heroes that join Lee Ann (now Leandra) on her journey. I love how music is used to defeat evil. I've read hundreds of books, and it takes a lot to really touch me, but I was in tears at the end of this story.

I recommend Leandra's Magic Flute to everyone, but especially people who have dealt with long-term illnesses and their caregivers.
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  1. Thank you, Angela, for this wonderful review! I'm so glad Leandra's story touched you. You're a peach. :)