Saturday, August 8, 2015

National Cat Day!

In honor of national cat day, Toby says hello. Of course, he's not technically full cat, he's a Trilby, which means he was born with cat ears and a tail. But he celebrates the day all the same.
Toby was born underground, and created by six scientists. One day, he hears a mysterious Voice who instructs him to journey to the outside world.

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Thaddeus Whiskers: Thaddeus has been granted eternal kittenhood by a wizard and is the pampered pet of Princess Clarice. But when the wizard tries to garner even more favor, Thaddeus finds his world turned upside down. 

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Nightcat: Nightcat is an ordinary cat by day, but at night becomes a giant cat who can talk. He lives in a castle with his prince and princess owners. Great beginner chapter books. 
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Jane: Adults like books about cats too! Jane is a little black cat who likes to escape into the woods near her house and climb trees. She's featured in this cozy mystery.
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Socks: Socks is the spoiled pet of a young couple. He's in for a surprise when a new baby comes into the house. Great story from classic author, Beverly Clearly.

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Does anyone else have a favorite literary cat in honor of National Cat Day? Please share a link in the comments!

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  1. It's a bit different, but as a kid, I loved the Animorphs books.