Saturday, March 10, 2018

Announcing . . . The Busy Mom's Guide to Writing AND an Awesome Contest!

So any of you who have followed my blog for 
any length of time know that I not only write about my books and inspiration, but I also write stuff that I hope is helpful to other writers. This journey has been an interesting one to say the least. I've typed a lot, laughed a lot and cried a lot. And had TONS of help from other people along the way. 

Part 2 of this little story involves this amazing writer I met who just happened to end up becoming my real-life neighbor. Not only does Jamie Foley make the most amazing cheese dip I've ever tasted, but she also worked for Harper Collins and Costco as a webmaster and best-selling author Beth Wiseman as a publicist. So we put our crazy, sleep-deprived mom heads together, and came up with this book filled with wonder, words, and hopefully some wisdom that can help any writer, but especially writing moms. 

In this book you will:
Help you plan out your writing goals, time management, and financial budget
- Encourage you to enlist aid from the right people--critique partners, editors, cover designers, and more
- Guide you to making the best decision for you regarding independent and traditional publishing
- Give you questions to ask yourself at the end of each chapter to help you move closer to your writing dreams
- Steer you away from mistakes we’ve made

The book will be released March 30th, but you can pre-order it right now for the special price of 99 cents! 

Aaaaand if that wasn't enough, we have an AWESOME rafflecopter contest where you can enter to win a 25.00 Amazon gift card and two AMAZING craft books. And anyone who enters the contest will get a FREE download, "Fifty Websites Every Author Should Know," a list of the very best author-related websites Jamie and I have found over the years. Enter the Rafflecopter and get your download here: 

Good luck! And happy writing!

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