Review Requests

I am happy to consider reviewing books by self-published and traditionally published writers, and I will leave you a review on Goodreads and Amazon if you would like.

I will not read:
Erotica, Horror or books with sexual content or excessive language.
Books against the Christian faith (though they do not have to be Christian)
Books that are poorly written and/or edited.

I will let you know if I can review your book, I am a writer myself and have three children so my reading time is far more limited than I would like.

Please send your request to:
Angela Castillo
atmadunes(at symbol)
Please include the name of your book and a link to somewhere I can read more about it.


  1. Hi Angela, I would like to have you review my new murder mystery and political thriller, Not Privileged to Know self-published May 1, 2014. I have included a brief summary below. I know how busy life is, so, if you think you can do this, no real rush. Whatever fits your schedule. I would like to send you a PDF copy for review. Thanks in advance.

    It is available in trade paperback from, and for all E-Readers: Kindle (Amazon); NOOK ( ); I-Book (Apple); KOBO (

    My novel concerns the murder of one psychically connected identical twin. The remaining twin, alone for the first time in her life, must not only adjust to this, but is forced to investigate her twin's murder when the investigation is closed prematurely by authorities. As more murders occur around her, and it becomes obvious that a conspiracy lies at the heart of her sister's murder and coverup, she struggles to solve the case while trying to avoid becoming its next victim.

    Sincerely, Bill Rockwell E-Mail: Website:


  3. Hi Angela, I wrote a book that is available on kindle and in ibooks, or if you want a hard copy you could order from amazon. My book is about being in the hospital with a brain injury and coming home to the island that I live on in Maine.
    Sincerely, Joseph Reidy Email: I don't have a website.

    1. this is the link to my book