Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Chase Bartholomew Hastings

It's nice (and extremely rare) to find a Middle-Grade dystopian novel that will actually make you feel better about the world after you have read it, and that's what Chase Bartholomew Hastings accomplishes. This is a world where the only electricity is generated by windmills on roofs, where people have to ration food and view all newcomers with suspicion. Chase spends most of his time with his friends, Henry and Aaliyah, and children will enjoy reading about the ways they have fun even in an altered world. 

A few areas in the book I felt could have been developed a little more. Packages from a mysterious benefactor keep appearing with almost impossible to the world gifts. Chase believes these come from "Niceness Ninjas" but the origins are never explained. I also felt some of the events where a bit rushed and could have been explored further, but it works for the targeted age group. All together, a fun little book you can hand to your child without a worry.

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