Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: They're Rugby Boys, Don't You Know?

Sometimes God uses what seems like random circumstances to change our lives forever

Natalie Vallecott, a Christian Police Sergeant from England agreed to join a Logos Hope team on a ship to bring Christian literature to the world. What was intended to be a routine stop of three weeks at a port in the Philippines turned into a stop for repairs that lasted for months. During that time, Natalie's life was forever changed by a group of 'invisible' street children known as the Rugby boys.

Rugby was an addictive substance these boys would use to get high on during the day because it helped to stave off their constant hunger. Abusing this substance would lead to brain damage and eventually, death.
What amazed me about this book is the author's heart and determination.

It reminded me of the starfish story. A beach is full of thousands of starfishes. A man notices a little boy throwing as many as he can into the ocean. The man says, "I'm sorry, but you know you can't possibly save all of them." The boy picks up another small, orange shape and tosses it in the waves. He turns to the man. "But I saved that one." 

Natalie dealt with many frustrations as she tried to minister to the children. Language barriers, stubborn hearts, and a community who had given up trying to help. But she never gave up. No matter how many times 'her' boys turned on her and threw her kindness back in her face, she kept trying to help them and show God's love. 

It made me think about how many times in my life I have given up on someone who was less than pleasant to me? But God wants us to keep praying and showing love, even if we never see the results of our labor. 

They're Ruby Boys, Don't You Know? is well written and engaging. I found a few typos but just a few and they did not break my immersion in the story. I think any Christian would be inspired by this book of hope and determination.
The book is available at in Kindle and paperback.

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