Monday, December 29, 2014

Book Review: The Place of Voices (Book 1 in the TimeDrifter Series)

I am a poet. I like poetic things. I love to find new ways to express old ideas. I love finding writers who have the ability to not only tell a story, but transport the readers to the place where the story dwells, to make the world a tangible place the reader can almost touch, feel and see for themselves. 
Lauren Lynch has a remarkable way of expressing ideas, and every movement, every thing sensed by her characters is also experienced by the reader, and it is something I have rarely seen so carefully done. 
The Place of Voices brings three children from very different worlds... and different times in history, together in a mysterious forest. They have each followed three animal 'guides'-- a koala, an elk, and a quetzal bird-- to this place. They are told by the elk their purpose is to 'rest and prepare' for adventures ahead. What follows is a wild journey of history, enlightenment, fear and good versus evil.
The many historical elements of this book are fascinating and meticulously woven in. I have rarely found a children's book with so much historical information to be gleaned from the story, especially one described as a fantasy. The book also has a clear Christ figure in the character of Ben, the Elk, as well as a being to symbolize Satan, or at least a demonic force. 

In areas, I did feel like the adventure was bogged down by a bit too much purple prose. There were times when I lost sight of the action because I was focusing on a lengthy description. Sometimes it was a little confusing as to who was talking or doing something. Sudden point of view shifts also occasionally made me have to 'step back' and get my bearings. I also felt like too much was crammed into the first story line, it might have been better to focus on one child's story at a time per book, I'm not sure. But despite these issues, I'm really glad to have read the book and I think anyone who enjoys allegorical and poetic fiction will be pleased to have this book in their library. You can purchase this book on Amazon here;

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